Ladylike party In Benefit of Debbie Does Dilators Film

Ladylike: ladies’ dance party
Join us to celebrate women
Host: Masami Hosono
Suggested Entry of $5-10, benefitting the production of the film, Debbie Does Dilators by Savannah Magruder, Produced by Nicole Van Straatum– a short film exploring themes of the female sexual experience.
Date: Thursday March 22nd
Time: 10pm – 2am
DJs: Silvia Prada & JD Samson
 Raffle by Babeland
The film is a dark comedy that follows Sara, a production assistant on porn sets, as she navigates dating in Brooklyn while trying to overcome vaginismus – a condition that causes an involuntary and painful muscle contraction in response to penetration. The mission of the short film is to explore themes of the female sexual experience while bringing awareness to vaginismus – a condition estimated to affect 17% of women – about 1 in 5.
Campaign HERE

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