NEW VACANCY ZINE “Untrend-Trends”

NEW VACANCY ZINE “Untrend-Trends”

Launch Party

August 3rd Thursday 7 – 10 pm

at Assembly New York 170 Ludlow st, New York, NY


Working as a hairstylist for 10 years, I’ve seen haircuts come and go, but one thing I’ve noticed in the past year is that the hair- cut is ever fraught with meaning these days. 2017 hails a new feeling for me — it doesn’t accept prepackaged ideals, but offers up a clean slate — one that opens up to the world of possibility. Before, women came with images and snippets of aspirational haircuts. Now? No one gives a fuck. They just want it cut blunt, shagged, undone — whatever. My role has and always be to make my clients, but something’s afoot. They’re more emboldened, and they don’t necessarily fall into an easily nameable style (I know, I have the best clients). As my role becomes more collaborative and my clients more independent, I only want to inspire the people around me. Fuck trends, because who cares? Here are a few “untrend trends,” if you will. A regurgitation of the old with a little something new, plus a hint of rebellion. These styles defy categorization and help clarify the year for me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

— Masami

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