Chaos Chaos (Band)


Please introduce yourself.

I’m Asy, and my sister Chloe and I make up Chaos Chaos.

What musicians inspire you?

I’m so inspired by so many musicians. People inspire me: Mick Jagger (just watched a video of him and his live performance is insane). James Baldwin Junot Diaz Joan Didion Kendrick Lamar The Beach Boys Drake

What is different from when you started music and now?

Everything is different. I feel like I’ve gone through every different musical phase and have kind of come back full circle. The way I make music now is probably closest to the way I made music when I just started (without too much thought when I’m writing, where I just succumb to the moment).


What is your inspiration for your lyrics?

I write a lot of things down. I have an overwhelming amount of sticky notes on my phone. I usually get inspired by things I’m reading and people I meet in the city and then when I’m alone on the train I’ll write down ideas and later try to match them with a song I’m working on. A lot of times, Chloe and I will be jamming a song and will kind of come up with some lyrics during the jam session that we’ll keep on a voice memo recording so we remember.

What do you think about being a musician in New York City?

I think there are so many different scenes, you can spend a long time inhabiting one scene. The excitement for me is that there’s always room to grow musically, though that means leaving a scene and community you’re comfortable in. There’s also the possibility of collaboration that makes NY appealing. Musicians in NY seem really open to collaboration which I think is cool.


What are your plans for 2016?

Recording our album and touring after its release.

If you could go to any other state or country, where would you want to play?

Probably Mars. I hear they have great crowds.


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